"Body's here but I'm never in."

23, female, Croatia

I’ll be back in about a month. I have to go waste time somewhere else for a while.

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Now what I really want to know is why is there no video footage of Tesla? If any of you have miraculously found some, please let me know. Meanwhile I’m gonna send an email to the Tesla Memorial Center here in Croatia to see what they have to say.

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can my boyfriend be D’Angelo from ‘98? thanks.

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I’m afraid of
in this world.

every beautiful
fountain in the park
is tainted by an
old news story
that came on —
like the plague —
promptly at
7 o’clock.

the bridges,
all over San Francisco,
are monumental,
like old chess pieces,
they are rusty,
and stained
with suicidal souls,
who were a
phone call, or
text message, away
from living to see
a few more

I sit in my car,
and I try to sleep — “but
the kids who got shot by USC” —
okay, instead, I grab a book of
luminous things to escape
from these paved roads
and commercial filled sky lines —
but I hear an ambulance coming my
way, along with three police cars,
and an old lady, who is
driving a 1972 green beetle
with a painted peace-sign
on her door. I don’t know
what these signs mean,
but I thought you might
like to know what it’s like
to be 23 and completely lost
in this loud goddamn world.

- An Evening of Luminous Things - j.b. (via youshouldacceptchaos)
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